Petrini’s Revisted, San Diego, CA

It was Valentine’s day and I was looking for somewhere romantic to treat myself.  I’ve been to Petrini’s before and I thought going somewhere in Little Italy would hit the spot.  This place was quiet and peaceful so I walked in and ordered the very thing I regretted not ordering last year, the cannelloni.  It was freshly baked and paired with a salad or soup, of which I just got the house salad.  They have lunch specials around $10 and reasonable happy hour specials.  I can always find a seat at Petrini’s in downtown San Diego, just a few blocks from the bay and the Wyndham.  Great location, romantic atmosphere, and cozy surroundings.

Date Destination?  Yes!  Fast service, and they have lunch and dinner options for all kinds of diners.  Reasonable prices as well (they offer half size portions).  Only a few blocks from the bay to take a stroll along the water.  Outside little tables or dine inside with candlelight.



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