La Vallauris, Palm Springs, CA


I googled the best restaurants in Palm Springs and this topped the list.  I was in town for the local Palm Springs art fair at the convention center.  They offered a four course meal as well as al a carte items for those not interested in dessert.  I chose the Prix Fixe menu, with the four courses because I don’t mind dessert.  The Mise en Bouche to start were good and well presented.  They give you all three options on the menu, instead of having you pick one versus the other.  The mushroom soup was good and warm with a thick texture.  There was prosciutto wrapped around feta cheese and a little tostada with shrimp and ricotta on top.  Cute little starters before the main event.  In the second course I chose the brie, which was wrapped in filo dough and baked until crispy and melted on the inside.  It was served on top of boston lettuce with a mustard (Caesar-like) dressing.  Delightful textures, flavorful and light.  The brie was my favorite part of the meal.  The duck was good of course, with the skin nice and crispy.  It was paired with a cherry sauce much like what you would find on top of cheesecake.  The sweet potato casserole was layered and very fun to eat.  The creme brulee had a fruity after taste as it was made with passion fruit.  The atmosphere was great, with trees in the middle and a live band playing across the bar.

Date destination?  Absolutely, but after you’ve been dating a while and you are comfortable with your date as food comes out slowly and in multiple courses.



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