Brockton Villa, La Jolla, CA


I felt like stopping by La Jolla cove and take a nice Scenic walk along the cove.  Went upstairs to the Brockton Villa restaurant which has spectacular views of the ocean while you dine.  This restaurant was formed from a historic house up on the hill overlooking the ocean.  They had a New Years menu with breakfast and lunch items.  I chose the breakfast taco with pork carnitas, eggs, and cheese.  Very filling, and I couldn’t finish it all.  I also ordered their cafe mocha, hot apple cider, and their chocolate mouse espresso cake.  Both drinks really hit the spot and the mouse cake was divine.  You could come here, have the chowder soup, and the espresso cake and leave feeling like you are on a cloud.  Definitely recommend this place, for the views and the food.  Prices vary from $5-25.

Date Destination? Absolutely!  Put it on the list.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner.  After dinner walk her along the ocean.


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