Bino’s Bistro & Creperie, San Diego, CA

This is a super cute place to take a date for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Very attentive, fast service, in a small cafe with brick walls, a small patio in front and to the side of the restaurant.  The prices are extremely reasonable for a French bistro, ranging from $6-15 on average.  The extraordinary part of this little restaurant in the hillcrest strip is that the service is so fast!  This place is faster than a tex-mex restaurant without losing charm or quality.  I ended up having the chicken florentine crepe (although that blintz looked amazing ).  It was a savory crepe with béchamel sauce, chicken strips and whole leaf spinach.  The dish had hints of sweetness and saltiness without being overwhelming.  Lovely little place for tapas too.  Happy hours most nights as well.

Date Destination?  Yes, I would.  More for breakfast or lunch IMO.  French is always date worthy.  Je T’aime


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