Bavarian Grill Revisted, Plano, TX

I’ve been to Bavarian Grill many times.  It is my father’s favorite place to go to.  He has many steins hanging off the walls over the 20+ years of going there.  However I did have something new when I went recently with friends while in Dallas for Christmas vacation.  I tried their salmon plate with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.  It was delicious.  Unlike their dinner menu, their lunch menu has many items around $10 and come out at reasonable sizes.  I ordered two desserts to share.  I asked the waiter what the most popular one was and he said it was the apple strudel.  The second was one my friend picked, the Waldbeeren Torte mit Schlag, or cake topped with cream, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.  Both were delish, but definitely try the strudel with the icing that comes on the side.  Yum!  Lunch prices vary between $5-22, with an average around $10.



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