Issaquah Brewhouse, Issaquah, WA (Seattle)

issaquah brewhouse 3issaquah brewhouse 2issaquah brewhouse 4issaquah brewhouse

We were looking for things to do in this little town outside of Seattle, and found this little pub in a downtown area of Issaquah.  I had their salmon chowder, that had black beans and potato in a cream broth.  Very good, rich and creamy and different from the usual clam chowder I have so often but love.  Then I had their quinoa salad with salmon.  The salmon had a lovely smokey flavor on top, and the salad included avocado, black bean, corn, tomatoes, quinoa and green pepper.  The salad was light but very filling at the same time and they give you plenty to eat with a little piece of garlic bread on the side.  The garlic bread had a English muffin texture to it that was lovely.  My friend had a patty melt with chips and a spicy ground mustard sauce that was really good.  All in all a delightful meal.  Wouldn’t mind coming back here to try something else if I was in town longer. Prices vary from $5-20.


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