The Prado, San Diego, CA

prado prado 4 prado 3 prado 2

After visiting museums in the gorgeous Balboa Park, I stopped here for a nice lunch.  If you are looking for something more than a vendor cart lunch this is the place.  They have an outside patio with beautiful palms surrounding it.  The inside is nicely decorated with glass art and crisp white table cloths.  I ordered their chicken tortilla soup and chicken cobb salad.  The tortilla soup was thick with tomatoes, strips of chicken and tortilla chips on top.  The cobb was perfectly decorated with rows of chicken, bacon, avocado, tomatoes and blue cheese.  They toss it in ranch dressing before it hits the table but you can order more on the side.  The waiter was able to deal with all of my special requests and brought me some after lunch coffee which was nice and strong.  Overall, a lovely way to end a day of art and culture.  Prices are extremely reasonable for the atmosphere, between $10-17 on average.


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