Edgewater Grill, San Diego, CA




Beautiful views from their patio.  That is one big reason to stop by this restaurant in Seaport Village.  I ended up getting their grilled cheese & lobster bisque soup.  Wonderfully comforting food to have while watching boats go by.  The grilled cheese was made on sourdough with ricotta cheese and white cheddar.   The lobster bisque was creamy, thick, the perfect temperature, with pieces of lobster within.  This place can be a bit pricy, the cup of soup and sandwich was $15, and it only gets higher from there.  However the view is nice and the food is quality, so certainly worth a stop if you are on vacation and have a bit of money to spend.

2nd stop-Ended up here late night an hour before close.  I ordered their steelhead with mashed potatoes and buttered Israeli couscous.  Wonderful!  The fish was cooked just like a salmon, with it warm pink in the middle, and the couscous was buttery and satisfying.  I had them add béarnaise to the top of the fish, which I’d never had with fish before, but it was delish.  Great food consistently, every time.


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