Cabo’s Bar and Grill, Casa Grande, AZ


Dinner: We were staying at the Holiday Inn Casa Grande Hotel over night on my way to San Diego. After a horrible night in Van Horn, this hotel was wonderful and comfortable, with a clean pool, gym and lounge. We stopped at their hotel lounge for dinner, the Cabo Bar and Grill. I ordered a blue cheese and bacon burger and apple pie a la mode. The blue cheese burger was nice and juicy and meaty, the bacon perfectly cooked and came with some steak sauce on the side. Delicious! The apple pie didn’t seem freshly made, probably store bought, but it hit the spot, especially the ice cream. Their bar included a couple pool tables as well. All in all a great evening for both of us and my favorite memory of the entire trip.

Breakfast: We received a complementary breakfast at the hotel the next morning. They included a full spread. This is NOT your typical couple types of bread, mini boxes of cereal and packaged powdered cocoa “free” breakfast. This is a full buffet that you would pay $10-20 for at a nice hotel. Fresh fruit, yogurt, scrambled eggs, eggs with spinach and cheese, bacon, potatoes, sausage, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, coffee cakes, and pancakes are a few things on this line. Awesome breakfast. I’d come back to this hotel again in a heartbeat.


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