Petrini’s, San Diego, CA

petrinis salmonpetrinis souppretrinis

We walked along the Little Italy district looking for dinner and found this cozy little Italian restaurant.  They had a number of items for under $10 on their happy hour list.  Wine was about $8 per glass, other items could be ordered as a half portion at $10 or full portions around $22.  I started with the Italian wedding soup, which was good.  The soup had shredded chicken and veggies in a chicken broth.  Just a couple meatballs however.  I ordered the salmon plate which came out displayed colorfully, with herbs, cheese and tomatoes representing an Italian flag on the top of the dish.  My main complaint is that for $22 I received very little salmon, maybe a couple ounces, and a ton of pasta.  There was some pancetta added to the dish as well which made it flavorful but for over twenty bucks there needs to be a sizable piece of salmon included.  I was trying to be sensible on a low carb diet, and the dish ended up to be quite the opposite.  Good points were the fresh herbs used in every dish including the soup.   The atmosphere really made the place a very romantic environment.  I wouldn’t mind trying them again but maybe different dishes.  Their cannelloni looked tasty as well.


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