Gossip Grill, San Diego, CA

gossip grillgossip grillfire pit gossip grill 3 gossip grill 4 gossip grill 2 gossip grill

Before going to this establishment, I read reviews warning me that the service was a bit slow.  That was certainly true.  They are in no hurry around here.  I ordered the chicken and vegetable soup and my friend ordered the pesto garden veggie burger.   The soup was very good, they even went out the way to make a nice presentation with the bowls.  I could tell the chicken came from a chicken breast that was diced, not that cubed chicken substitute that you get in cans of progresso.   The soup was around $7, with other prices ranging from $10-$20 depending on what you order.  Very colorful and funny menus.  This restaurant is right on the San Diego gayborhood strip.  Nice dance floor with a great DJ, other areas in the restaurant include a fire pit and couches.   Very friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere and locals.  A number of popular drink selections were available at only $5, including fireball, rum and Jameson. I would go back for the friendly service.


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