Draft, San Diego, Mission Beach, CA

FB_IMG_1450036035952_resizedDraft Mission Beach Draft coffeeDSC01379draft 3 draft  draft draft

First Stop: Stopped here for breakfast on our way to Mission Beach.  They had a large patio, looking out to the beach so you could people watch and watch the waves while eating.  The food was excellent.  I ordered the Basic breakfast plate for $10, which included big grilled wheat toast, two eggs, garlic roasted potatoes and bacon.  The coffee comes in a comforting rustic large mocha colored cup. Everything was delicious!  The toast was grilled and tasty, the eggs cooked well, the potatoes had large minced garlic on them and the bacon was thick and cooked through.  I would share the plate however, that was a lot of food for one person.

Second Stop: Tried their cheesecake one evening.  They topped it with a caramel sauce, various berries, and a couple scoops of sherbet and vanilla ice cream.  Very nice evening while I watched the sun set.

Third stop : Stopped by to watch the waves one afternoon, so I took a seat up in the bar area, facing the patio and ordered their sourdough tuna salad sandwich with french fries.  So filling and delicious.  Wonderful combination of cold and warm food.  The fries were fried brown and salted just right.  The tuna salad didn’t taste of tuna, and was in between two thick slices of soft sourdough bread with chewy crusts.  I left stuffed but very happy.  Love this place.

Tried their pretzel bites, the cheapest thing you can get on this menu at $7.  They were delightful!  Lightly powdered with sugar and salt, they were paired with a honey mustard sauce on the side.  Yum!


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