Diwali Tapas and Indian, San Diego, CA

diwali bluediwali gaslampdiwali tomato basil coconutDiwali mealdiwali entrance

This Indian restaurant is a block or two from the convention center and gaslamp sign.  Absolutely delicious food.  I ordered their saffron coconut tomato bisque, which had a good amount of spice in it.  Then I had their Chicken Curry Chettinadu, and ordered it with medium heat.  The food comes with plenty of rice with orange zest and optional bread on the side.  Each dish was served in cute little metal bowls.  The atmosphere in the restaurant was great, with a blue waterfall over the bar, Bollywood dancing playing on big screens and mosaic tiled pillars.  My friend had their vegetarian dish, Quinoa & Spinach Kofta Curry, which I got to try.  The quinoa balls where very filling, and her sauce was even better than mine.  I could have had that sauce over rice and nothing else and would have been perfectly satisfied.   I would come back again to order her plate, and I’m a protein type.  Highly recommend this place.


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