Mellow Mushoom

mellow mushroom pizza mushroom soup

Delicious pizza and soup!  They have restaurants both in McKinney and Denton which I have tried.  The bar in McKinney is more wrap around and the waiters are awesome.  The Denton bar is a little more plain, but waiters are still dynamic.  I can tell they pay special attention to the food they put out.  The crust on the pizza is sprinkled with parmesan cheese and the mushroom soup have sautéed mushrooms on top.  Everything I’ve had here is delicious.  The mighty meaty is so delicious, I came back only days later to order it again.  I kept thinking about it.  It has a crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, parmesan crust with salty cheese and meats in the center.  Food you dream about.  They offer gluten free versions as well, but you have to order a certain size to get them, larger than individual size.  Nice people, great food made with unique attention given by those with a passionate love for food.


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