Sweet Tomatoes, Addison, TX

Delicious long salad bar in Addison, my friends like coming here for brunch.  Great for those of us on diets, it has a variety of lettuce and spinach, with all kinds of fixings, including chickpeas, corn, beets, sunflower seeds, chicken, hard boiled eggs, carrots, olives, mushrooms, celery and dressings.  Some of their pre-made salads are memorable too, like their quinoa salad with grey mustard, corn and sour cream.  I tried to make that when I got home it was so good.  On the side they have some breads, some soups, and frozen yogurt as well.  I found their tomato soup a good accompaniment to my salad.  The environment is cozy, not too cafeteria like so you can settle down with friends and talk for hours.  Good place to eat for the health conscious.  I recommend except for the fact they recently got rid of the chicken to put on salads, so those wanting protein will be a bit disappointed.


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