Rick’s Chophouse, McKinney, TX

tortilla soup

Stopped by before meeting some friends.  I heard they had a cool bar in the back, so I stopped by to check it out.  Indeed it had an old town feel, however it was not an atmosphere where people come and talk to you.  The bartender unfortunately was unfocused, and it took some time to get my chicken tortilla soup.  I asked for a menu and she forgot to bring it to me.  Had to ask again to get service.  There were only two other people at the bar and two bartenders.  The soup itself was not all of that,  Raphael’s on 380 was better.  I didn’t enjoy the cheese they put in the soup, it added a flavor that I did not enjoy.  Ended up leaving and taking my friends elsewhere.  Can’t recommend the place for the price.  I spoke to those that live a block down and they say that the service is consistently bad at this place.  Can’t say I’ll be back.


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