Loco Cafe

loco moco

Stopped by for some early breakfast.  Loco Cafe is off the square in a modern looking building.  You order Pei Wei style, and sit down with your number while you wait for your food.  The staff was friendly and very helpful.  The coffee tasted a bit off, they offer different strengths and it is self serve.  I ordered the Loco Moco, which was “hashbrowns”, cheese, eggs and a biscuit with gravy.  The hashbrowns were not country style, different from what I’ve had before.   Kind of a cross between country style and pan fried.  Honestly I did not prefer their version of hashbrowns, they had a burn taste to them.  The eggs were cooked to order fine, but the biscuit was worth the trip.  It was layered and had some honey on top.  Came with country white gravy on the side.  I finished the biscuit and left the hashbrowns.  They do have a lot of things going for them.  A slightly different breakfast alternative in the Denton area for those tired of the same classic breakfast choices.


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