Cafe Istanbul, Plano, TX

cafe istanbul 2 cafe istanbul 3 cafe istanbul

I loved this place.  I ran into the manager outside and he talked me into the restaurant.  They have a cute little bar with candles setup for atmosphere.  Everyone here was very nice.  I tried their dolmas, which was freshly made, and chilled.  Very delicious spices with rice and some lemon packed in grape leaves.  I also had their hummus which was made on the spot with their baked pita bread.  Great sharable appetizer with friends.  I ordered their Shepard salad and Icle Kofta.  The Icle Kofta is brown meat with spices fried in a cracked wheat breading and deep fried.  It was good and the Shepard Salad was a nice mix of fresh, crisp vegetables in a vinegar based dressing.  All in all good service, and the food was delicious.  I’ll be back, especially when they have the belly dancers out on Friday and Saturday nights.


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