Turkish Cafe

20150331_132258 20150331_133324 turkish

Stopped by here on a Monday afternoon to have a nice lunch.  Sat on their covered porch as close to the water I could get.  All of the staff was friendly and helpful.  This place is not cheap, appetizers are around $7-11, and entrees are around $20-30 each.  Alcohol looks expensive as well.  The food however was out of this world.  I asked for the dolmas, one of my favorites everywhere else.  They hadn’t made it yet, so they gave me free hummus, which was the creamiest I have ever had.  It comes with this stone baked fresh bread and this red pepper sauce on the side which is spicy but excellent with the hummus.  I tried their feta rolls instead of the dolmas, which is essentially feta cheese in fried thin flour rolls, like a Mediterranean egg roll.  I could have done without these calories honestly, I found them plain and uninteresting.  I ordered their yogurt lamb, which comes out in a tomato sauce and yogurt drizzled over that. The lamb was tender and had a grilled taste, just perfect and better than I expected.  Overall a delicious meal and plan to be back, especially when the belly dancers come out.


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