Mary’s Mediterranean, Frisco, TX


This Mediterranean restaurant is set up like a Fadi’s or a Chipotle, where you pick and choose what you want from the buffet in front of you and then go sit down.  The quinoa salad was delicious, but the tabbouli had too much lemon to be enjoyable.  They give you a small portion of meat, I chose the kofta.  Honestly they didn’t include enough spices.  I’ve had much better kofta elsewhere.  The green beans in the tomato sauce were good to me, but those that don’t like canned food may find them a little on the boring side.  The okra was limp and uninteresting and I usually like okra.  Honestly their hot sides seemed cheap, canned and warmed over.  Their spicy hummus also a disappointment.  I’ve had a lot of Mediterranean in the area, and this one can’t compete with other restaurants close by in Plano and Frisco.  Can’t recommend this one.


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