Chili’s, Frisco, TX

20150303_134906 chilis chilis

Loved Chili’s growing up.  Had so many memories at various Chili’s around Texas with friends and family.  I haven’t been in years and wanted a good comfort meal the way I used to remember them.  Walked in and noticed they changed a few things.  New mini consoles are on the table for you to check yourself out.  Their plates are shaped differently and the fries come out in this little metal basket.  I like these changes, they are trying to stay fresh and new.  Unfortunately the food I remembered from a decade before is not the same.  I ordered the chili queso which I had fond memories of and it was grainy and luke warm.  Obviously warmed over after being made a previous day.  The burger was over done and not as juicy and delicious as I remember.  Chips were crispy and warm which was good, and the fries were what I remembered with a mix of spices.  Either I found a Chili’s that had bad cooks that didn’t care or their quality standards have dropped.  The restaurant was clean, but unfortunately I left disappointed.


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