Jasmine’s, Denton, TX

kufta20150217_143428 20150225_215330jasmines

Delicious Mediterranean food at reasonable prices in Denton.  Not the best atmosphere I’ve been to, a little run down honestly.  However they have delicious Arabic salad, Kafta and spicy Arabic coffee.  Very nice service, but they like to take their time.  They offer hookah services as well for those interested (I didn’t try but many around me did since this is a college town).   Very beautiful women and delicious food.  For good Mediterranean food at reasonable prices in Denton I would recommend this place. I wish them much success.

Update:  Went back a week later and tried their kabob sampler, with three different meats grilled on skewers.  I had their Arabic salad and hummus on the salad as well.  I chose the lamb, beef and kafta kabobs.  The kafta and lamb were my favorite by far.  Next time I think I’ll try the chicken.  Tried their dolmas on the side, it was cold, vegetarian and very much like many dolmas I’ve had in the metroplex, however they made the plate pretty and put a cream sauce in the middle which was quite good.


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