JC’s Burger House

JC's 1 JCs 2

Stopped by JC’s Burger house for a delicious burger and fried pickles.  They season their fried pickles just right, comes with some cool ranch for dipping.  They used sliced pickles instead of pickle spears for their fried pickles, with plenty of lemon pepper, garlic, onion powder and salt in their batter.  Satisfied my fried pickle craving.  As usual, I had their 1/3 pound patty melt, on texas toast, sautéed onions and finely diced jalapeños on top.  They use an American cheese on their patty melt that is all gooey and melted to your patty before you get it.  The beef tastes as fresh as a burger joint can get which just adds to the delicious flavor.  The meat is not machine packed but obviously hand made, which adds texture and juiciness.  Still one of my favorite burger joints, their burger comes out so hot every time that I burn my mouth on the first bite.  One sandwich is enough, sides are extra, but I have tried their sweet potato fries in the past, which are authentic, thin and the right kind of crispiness.  Recommend this place in Frisco and McKinney every time, been going for years. Consistently good in both places which amazes me each time.


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