OldWest Cafe, Denton, TX

old west cafe

I’ve heard great things about this place, so I had to stop in. Well, apparently everyone else has heard of this place as well because finding a parking spot was extremely difficult. The shops next door made a point to put threatening tow signs around so they could keep some parking spaces open for their customers. This small cafe was packed. People were waiting for tables outside and inside. I only had to wait a few minutes though so that was good. I ordered the two eggs, hashbrowns and toast breakfast, though their pancakes looked huge and delicious. Everything was cooked the way I like, with the hashbrowns loose and warm. The only criticism I had was their walls were dusty. I was sitting right up against the wall and sneezing all throughout the meal. They are in an old building, but they could spend some time wiping down their walls and cleaning the cob webs between the wood boards. Never had an allergy problems as much as I had at this place. Maybe their place in Sanger is cleaner, because their food is good.


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