Jake’s Uptown, Frisco, TX

20150118_085012 jakes 2

What Jake’s has for them is the location, right in the gorgeous Frisco square and service. They have wonderful, nice young girls with energy and flirtatious attitude that makes you feel comfortable and appreciated. Their atmosphere is more of a modern wood bar instead of a cafe, complete with outside patio. Very cool for hanging out with friends. I tried their breakfast tacos, which come with eggs, bacon or sausage and cheese. They were good and hit the spot. Their coffee was good as well, the table is set with butter, honeys and creamers when you sit down. I tried their two egg breakfast plate as well, scrambled eggs, biscuit and gravy, hash browns and ham. The ham was good, cooked well, eggs were cooked to order. The biscuit was like this huge bread, not the kind of biscuit flavor or shape I prefer or like. The cream gravy was ordinary. Their hashbrowns were mushy and had this freezer burn taste that was unpleasant. My friend had poached eggs, with wheat toast, hash browns, bacon and mustard on the side. She loves this place, although she didn’t prefer their biscuits either. Overall, the atmosphere and service still made the occasion good for us.  I need to try their dinner and see what their bar crowd is like.


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