Rugby House Pub, Plano, TX

rugby 20150121_202024485007_549615421740001_466808366_n rugby house patty melt

I tried their cheese plate for the first time.  Included Porter Cheddar, Manchengo, Brie, kalamata olives, prosciutto, grapes, green apple, sliced baguette, and crackers.  Paired with your beverage of choice, and enough for two, it was very tasty. In the past I’ve had a cranberry soft cheese at Londoner that paired with the apple better than crackers.  Overall satisfying for my late night indulgence.  I’ve had their key lime pie before, seems homemade to me.  It is not that lime green jello stuff, but real sweetened condensed milk, lime zest and a graham cracker crumb crust.  They serve some nice whipped cream on the side, and it’s a delicious end to any meal.  They also offer a chocolate chip cake which they warm up for you and a crème brulee. My favorite meal here is the reuben sandwich which they give you huge chunks of corned beef with melted cheese and dressing.  The sauerkraut doesn’t distract from the sandwich like in othere reubens I’ve had.  Their burgers and sliders are very tasty, and their seasonal fish tacos are one of my other favorites.  Their mac-n-cheese is very rich, and includes truffle oil, salt and a breadcrumb buttery top in a skillet.  Their fish and chips are made with large portions of haddock fish, and are delicious.  Highly recommend this place every time.


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