Starwood Cafe

cafe corner 01092014 20150128_134509

Stopped by my local Starwood café for breakfast this morning.  I had the Tuscan omelet this morning, with provolone and asparagus.  Came with pancakes dusted with powdered sugar, perfectly rolled little butter and hashbrowns.  I like how they make their hashbrowns, not too dry, nice and loose but warm.  Not too packed together in a brick shape, but loose enough to mix with your eggs.  Paired with some hazelnut coffee, and I was set to face my day.

Update – 1/28/2015- Tried their ham and cheddar omelet, with hot hash browns, toasty warm buttery English muffins and hazelnut coffee.  Was a delicious way to start my day.  The omelet was fully cooked, very cheesy, and had plenty of good quality thick ham.  The hash browns cooked perfectly, loose and warm, and the English muffins were thick, crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside.  I felt satisfied and left with a smile on my face.


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