Loophole Gastropub, Denton, TX

loophole 1 loopholes 0505 2 loopholes 05052015

Started with the gouda and pepper soup.  Absolutely divine.  I could have just gotten a bowl of that and be content.  It was the soup of the day.  The cheese on top was the perfect texture too, like they just shredded it before bringing it out.  Then I had their chicken balsamic flatbread, which had walnuts, green apples, blue cheese and gouda cheese.  Very well done, although messy to eat.  They make it very long, definitely something to eat with a friend and not by yourself. Only negative point…coffee came in a paper cup.  The restaurant looks like a nice English pub, they need to pick up some proper coffee cups.  Other than that a good night.

Update 05/05/2015: Stopped by for lunch and tried their fried pickles with ranch sauce and their lunch $6.99 combo special.  The fried pickles are covered in a beer batter, like their fish and chips.  Other people at the bar loved them, they were good, but I prefer breadcrumb spears myself.  I did like the fact they used spears instead of chips.  For the combo, I chose the tomato basil soup and the BLT sandwich.  I found the BLT to be ordinary, their sourdough tasted like white bread to me.  The tomato basil soup was very good, with chunks of tomato and a creamy broth.  I’m highly recommend the soup in this meal.  This restaurant can make soups, I remember loving their gouda red pepper soup last time.  Pool tables and darts available in back as well.  Fun place with good food overall.


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