Holy Grail, Plano, TX

holy grail1003506_621047031263506_1702865373_n

I’ve been to the Holy Grail many times, service is not always the best, I prefer Rugbys down the road for that.  Ordered their coffee again, came out way too strong so had to send it back.  Their coffee has been good in the past, not sure what happened here.  Tried their fish tacos, they were delicious.  Cajun spices, with a cool sour cream dill sauce, pico and roasted corn which looks like it was striped from the cob in restaurant, which I love.  Corn made from the cob is so much more fresh, with better texture.  The tacos came with chopped cole slaw and cilantro in a corn tortilla.  Very light but filling at the same time.  In the past I’ve had their cheesecake, hummus plate, and brisket melt which I highly recommend.  Cute pub atmosphere which I love, I just which they would work on service a bit.  Every time I go there I’m either waiting too long or I get a waiter that doesn’t care.  It’s unfortunate because they have everything else going for them.


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