Prairie House

chicken fried pickles prairie salad prairie

Update 05/07/2015: Had a fantastic time.  Came when no one was around and ordered the mesquite grilled chicken, with salad and mashed potatoes.  Side of fried pickles of course. 😉  Their spear pickles are wonderful, dipped in a bread crumb batter instead of beer batter as I like.  Delicious home made ranch sauce to go with it.  Mashed potatoes with cream gravy and mesquite grilled chicken.  Cold, fresh salad with ranch.  All for a reasonable price.  Nice service every time.  Probably been here 4 times already.  They even gave me free ice cream one time.  Has a great cabin like atmosphere, for those of you who like camping and log cabins.

Probably the third time I’ve been here. Great cabin atmosphere that makes you feel like you are camping. Everyone calls you hon or honey and very nice service. Coffee is good, and they keep it flowing. I usually get their veggie plate (I know, what’s wrong with me?) mostly because I love fried pickles. They have great fried pickles and creamy cold ranch sauce that reminds me of Lion’s Den in Little Elm, back when they were open. What closed Lion’s Den? Will we ever find out? They have other good eats like their cole slaw and cowboy beans. Good coffee and they keep bringing it out. I need to try their meat one of these days. This time of the year they have put Santa hats on all their hanging deer, boar and moose heads. How festive.  I’m sure they appreciate it.


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