Londoner and Espiritu, 12/28/2014

Went to the Londoner late at night to end off a successful weekend for myself. I love to go out. I decided to go on the light side and have the cream of mushroom soup and coffee. I’ve had their chicken curry, cheese plate and chicken skewers before, all very good and flavorful with the right spices. Great rice with their curry dishes. Their spinach and goat cheese salad with tomato soup combo was an awesome light dinner before going to Main Event across the street. Well, their cream of mushroom soup was less than spectacular. It came out luke warm to cold, was gritty with gooey melted chunks of crouton scattered around. I’ve had other good food there so I’ll forgive them and be back. While I was sitting at the bar I met a lovely couple who recommended the Espiritu bar down by the downtown Frisco courthouse. Espiritu has this furniture from the medieval times I think, very cute and nice atmosphere but didn’t serve food. Very nice bartender who can talk about anything and makes you feel welcome. It was quiet and cozy, but only for those looking for spirits.


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