Panda’s, Oak Lawn, 12/27/2014

pandas 2 pandas

Down in Oak Lawn, next to JR’s and S4, sits quiet Panda’s. I’ve been there more than once, with great friendly staff who really care if you like their food and if you are happy with your order. I had their cashew chicken, jasmine tea and pork dumplings this time after a great night with my friend at Sue Ellen’s who got engaged. I can always go here or Café Brazil for a nice meal before traveling an hour to get home. Love places that stay open late. The dumplings were great as usual, they are very thick with the dough, which some people don’t prefer but I never met a carb I didn’t like. The cashew chicken was exactly what I wanted it to be, with the vegetables still crisp and tasting fresh. They stay open late night but seem to care about the quality too, which is great. The jasmine tea is brought out in little personal kettles for each customer, which is a touch that I like in restaurants so you can serve yourself.  I always come back.


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