Starwood Cafe (Formerly Cozy Corner Cafe)

Formerly the Cozy Corner Café, this new joint has very nice caring staff and a good spread of breakfast food.  I had their $5.99 two egg special with hash browns, scrambled two eggs hard and coffee.  It comes with toast or pancakes and I was good and had the toast, with apple butter.  I was lucky enough to get the booth with apple butter, some of the jelly dispensers don’t have them.  Sometimes it’s the little things that keep me happy.  I preferred their old menu, and specials, but I think they were bought out by someone else.  During the transition the food’s quality waned, but I went back and found that the hash browns and eggs were cooked the way I liked them again.  Waitress staff stayed the same though, they seem happy to be there and helping the customers and that has stayed consistent since they opened a few months ago.  That is a real compliment to their leadership.


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