Subway, Aubrey, TX


It was late and I hadn’t eaten yet so I stopped by the local subway.  I ordered their chopped salad with lettuce, pickles, red onion, jalapeños and chicken.  Salt and peppered on top with no dressing.  They chopped the ingredients up for me and put it in a plastic tray.  The salad was very good, I really enjoy shredded lettuce rather than the big chunks of romaine or iceberg you get that you have to recut anyway.  Very satisfying for me, and I love that you can pick and choose toppings rather than having a set salad that you have to ask they take things off.  However it was too expensive.  Eight dollars for this when you can get a sandwich with bread for less.  Makes no sense to me, and subway must be making a killer profit on those going gluten free.


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