Hoochies, Denton, TX

denton fish place fish place in denton across from mellow mushroom

Stopped by the local Cajun seafood restaurant, in search of fried pickles.  Found them at Hoochies where on happy hour the fried pickles are half off.  They are the slices, not spears, and coated with a very crispy, peppery flour based coating.  The coating stays on the pickles and doesn’t fall off when you get them.  I love the bread crumb coated spear fried pickles but these were comparable to JC’s burger.  Still very good.  The fish of the day was grilled snapper, which I love.  The fish could have used some seasoning or a butter sauce, but coming out the way it did was certainly healthier.  Purchased the meal with sides of cole slaw and salad.  The place is pricier than you expect.  Around $10 to $30 for most items.  The atmosphere is very much like many seafood restaurants, a lot of distressed wood tables, walls and chairs.  The salad came with a very herby olive oil dressing, which was quite excellent actually.  Cole slaw was an average creamy based cole slaw, and it overall was a good meal.


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