Bavarian Grill, Plano, TX

bavarian 1 bavarian 2 bavarian 3 bavarian dessertbavarian

This is my Dad’s favorite place and we frequent here at least once a year for his birthday.  They usually start you off with their version of a salad, but don’t look for lettuce.  Their salad has beets, green beans, cucumbers and carrots mixed in a vinegar based dressing.  The carrots have a surprise spicy kick in them.  I usually have either the veal ravioli (I’m not going to give the long german names here, but they list them on the menu, really fun listening to your dinner guests try to pronounce them), the Jager Schnitzel, or the Rouladen.  All are quite excellent, very much in the comfort food category.  The spatzel and mashed potatoes are delicious.  In the past I’ve had their fried camembert cheese with rasberry sauce on the side, which was divine.  Something you remember years later.  The restaurant tries it’s best to go authentic all the way.  Prices for entrées range around $20-30.  They have a little trains that ride around the restaurant and an accordian player who takes requests.  All in all a good place to take your family to have a good Bavarian time.


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