Platia Greek Kouzina, Frisco, TX

20150215_161449 20150215_161504 cknbacklava coffee dolmaDolmas sampler greek platia

avlogamo soup

I had their Dolmades Avgolemono and the Mana Mou sample

platter.  Delicious warm Dolmas, stuffed with beef and rice,

Greek spices and topped with their warm lemon butter sauce.  Their

Mana Mou was delicious, came with pastitsio which is a

lasagna style layered pasta dish, dolmades, souvlaki and yiros.

Their yiros was very tasty and I would came back for that

and the Dolmades any time.  It was my birthday so we received

some free baklava, which was decadent, sweet, crusty and

delicious.  Perfect small treat to end a delicious meal.  The

atmosphere is cozy, warm and inviting.

Update 03/01/2015 – Tried their Kofta, Avgolemono soup, rotisserie chicken, fried calamari, Greek salad and Greek coffee.   Everything was wonderful.  Great atmosphere, love this place.  I highly recommend trying their half chicken with the greek salad, greek coffee and end it with baklava.  Delish!


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